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Jewelry Fashion and beauty photography

I have always loved photographing jewellry, So when I got a chance to bring jewellry with me to Spain and photograph for Stuff made from things I was super excited!

Planning the whole thing

To plan the shoot I had to find a stylist, makeup artist, and a few models. I contacted one of my worldwide model agencies and sent them a brief. I was going to Spain on holiday but I decided to shoot there as well. When I got a list of models I contacted them to see who was available. The first model I talked to, Izabela was available and she is also a makeup artist! Way to go! Two birds with one stone.
After some research, I found all the models I needed. And I decided to shoot everything around the apartment I was staying at.

It was impossible to find a stylist for this shoot in Spain. So the only solution was to get a stylist in London to style for me. So I called Sophia and told her what I was up to. She was super excited and didn’t take long to send me everything I needed so I could bring it with me to Spain!

Shooting in Spain

A few days before the shoot one of the models canceled last minute so I had to search for a new one. After a few Instagram messages, I found a stunning Swedish girl who was in my area on holiday with her boyfriend! The day before I paired all the jewelry with the dresses I had and decided who would wear what. I took a walk around the apartment and decided where I could shoot

When we started shooting everything went smoothly. I photographed one model at a time and made sure to focus both on the clothes and the jewelry. We shot 7 different dresses and jewelry pairings. After the shoot, I sent some behind the scenes to the owner of Stuff made from things. She was in love with all the colourful dresses and could not be happier.

Jewelry Fashion and beauty photography

Models | Izabela, Vanessa and Angie
Makeup | Izabela
Stylist | Sophia Katyea
Photography and retouching | Annsy



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