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An exclusive cover story for Elegant Magazine

Fashion and beauty photographer in London. An exclusive cover story for Elegant Magazine. Focusing on movement, clothes, and powerful expressions!

Monday morning on a bank holiday in London

I get a call from one of my stylists. She is sitting at home with a model, makeup artist and a full room of clothes. She told me that the photographer who was supposed to be shooting with them had not answered them in the last 14 hours and they could not get a hold of him. They had already waited some time to see if he showed. When no one came, she gave me a call.

I was at home eating lunch when she told me what had happened and how excited they had been over the shoot. She asked if there was a chance I could come and shoot with them, they would really love to have me there. I was happy to, so I packed my kit and arrived at her place an hour later. They had already started the makeup and hair so I and the stylist checked out the different looks we could photograph.

They planned to shoot all the different looks on the rooftop. So we climbed out of the kitchen window to get to the rooftop and we shot 7 different looks! One of the biggest reasons why I love fashion photography is that I get the chance to photograph multiple beautiful designs for each shoot! My love of handcraft made me love this shoot even more. The designer of some of the looks had hand and machine knitted some of the pieces, SO GORGEOUS.

Sending in the photographs

I spent some time selecting and retouching the photographs and then I sent the photographs to Elegant Magazine after the shoot, I had to pick a title. After a few ideas, I remembered that the stylist had said to me on the phone that the model was so amazing that she moved like water when she was posing! After shooting with her I found that quite fitting as a title of the editorial. A few weeks later I got an email that the magazine was ready and I was stoked to see that one of my pictures had been selected as the cover!

Fashion and beauty photographer in London

Model | Day Sauhait from Titanium management
Makeup and hair | Erin Grace Wheatland
Stylist | Sophia Katyea
Photographer and retoucher | Annsy



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