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Exclusive editorial for Faddy Italia Magazine

Fashion and beauty photoshoot shot in a photography studio in south London. An exclusive story for Faddy Italia.

My passion for the colour red

Red has always been my favourite colour. Since I remember everything red has appealed to me. Therefore I was more than happy to do a full photoshoot only in red! I love doing a photoshoot that is a mixture of fashion and beauty photography. For this shoot, I knew that I would be able to mix the both and therefor get more photographs! In the studio with access to this gorgeous red background, I knew I had to do a full-on red photoshoot. I called my make-up artist Sneha who I knew would be on board because red is also her favourite colour.

We decided on five different make-up looks. So I called up my lovely stylist Sophia and asked her if she wanted to join us. She loved the idea and brought a suitcase full of gorgeous clothes and accessories to style the shoot with. The day before, I went shopping for some red peppers and roses to bring to the shoot as props. This shoot would not have been a real red shoot if it weren’t for my stunning red-haired model Charlotte.

Shooting in the studio

In the morning I prepared the studio and we started make-up and hair as soon as everyone arrived. Then we went through the shoot so quickly and efficiently playing around with the jewelry and the props. We ended up with a variety of different outfit changes, props, and crops.

After a few weeks, I had edited the photographs so I submitted them to a Faddy Italia. Within 8 hours of submission, we got accepted for the magazine. When the magazine came out, I got a message from the editor telling me that one of the pictures from the Red shoot had been selected as the back cover of the magazine. I was extremely happy and messaged the team right away! The model was blown away, this was the first time she had a photograph of her self on a back cover!

Fashion and beauty photographer in London

Model | Charlotte Olivia Davies
Stylist | Sophia Katyea
Makeup and hair | Sneha Surendran
Photography and retouching | Annsy



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