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Fashion and beauty photography in London

When I went to Iceland in July, I hadn’t been there in a while and I really missed the mountains, nature and all the colours. Therefore I decided to plan a shoot just outside of the capital. Fashion and beauty photography in London is not so different from shooting in Iceland, but there is something about shooting in Icelandic nature that I love. I wanted to shoot something that showed nature but at the same time make the model stand out. The location I picked has lava, fields and small hills. The colours of the lava are deep red and brown, so to make my model stand out I asked the stylist to bring only white and silver outfits

Bad weather – Classic Iceland

When it came to the shoot the weather was TERRIBLE. Everything was grey, windy and pouring rain. I grabbed two umbrellas with me and we met up and did the makeup! Then before we went outside we tried all the different outfits and ranked them so we would know which look to skip if the model got too cold.

We started shooting in the rain. The makeup artist and stylist had the two umbrellas and did their best to warm up the model between shots and looks. I have shot multiple times with the model before so she knows exactly what it is that I like and how I work. Because of that, we did everything quite quickly. We shot 4 looks in 4 different locations.

After we shot we were quick to get into the car and drive to the next stop to get some hot chocolate to warm our selves up. Even though it was at the beginning of June, it was quite cold outside and we needed the warm-up. The funny thing is, that the moment we stopped shooting, the sky cleared out and we had some nice sun peak through the clouds. Typical for Iceland.

Fashion and beauty photography in London

Model | Amna Hasecic
Stylist | Monika Rögnvalds
Makeup | Audur Palma
Photography and retouching | Annsy



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