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Every time I am interested in getting a new lense or any other equipment I find someone that already has that item. And then get their opinion, if they like me I might even be able to borrow it for a test or two. So I contacted one of my best friends who had the lens I want to purchase and asked if I could try it out. She was more than happy to lend it to me.

About a year ago I asked my younger sister to model for me for the first time. She really liked it and we had fun playing around with paint and getting creative. This time we decided to do a shoot that I could use to test the new lens. I called my sister and asked if she had any paint we could use. She is really creative and had everything we needed for the shoot. I put the lens I was testing on my camera and set up the lights. Whilst she found towels and some old clothes to wear so If we would spill anything we were saved!

The shoot

When It came to the shoot it was a bit challenging, in the beginning, to realize how close I could towards her without losing the focus. So to be saved I backed up and decided to crop the pictures after I shot them.

I really love shooting with my sister, she is up for anything and just follows my lead. We have shot together a few times now and she is getting the hang of the modeling job!

I absolutely love working with colours, so whilst shooting I looked at all the different colours, looked around the house and found a few props I could add to the pictures. My family and I just came back from my grandparent’s farm so we had some beautiful flowers from her garden. When I started shooting I had an Idea about keeping all the pictures similar. Even though they are quite similar in posing I love how the different shapes and colours of the paint make them unique.

When I shoot with my sister, there is no pressure. Just the two of us and we can do whatever we want. In those types of shoots, I love getting creative, and I love trying new things.

I just finished editing these pictures and I really like how they fit together. The green picture really stands out and I love that. However, my favorite one is the one with the red paint. Before I did the red look, I cleaned the sponge. Therefore the paint was thinner than in the previous looks. And that is how we got this beautiful drop swimming down her face.

Beauty photographer in London

Special thanks to my beautiful friend Bríet Guðmundsdóttir that was kind enough to lend me her lens to try out!

Model | Bryndis Heiða
Photography and retouching | Annsy



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