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Beauty photography in London

Visual storytelling

As you might know by now, I absolutely love the colour red. Therefore when I decided to do a beauty photography story about storytelling I decided to use the colour red. Incidentally, when I contacted a makeup artist I found out that we both shared our love of that colour. Till this day she is the makeup artist I work the most with here in London.

We made two different mood boards and then decided how we wanted to tell the story. As a result of the two mood boards, we decided how we wanted the last picture to look like in the story so we simply decided to stack the makeup and begin with a neutral face. In addition to the natural first step, I decided to add hands into the picture to show that the process was beginning. We added makeup and then shot again. So then we repeated this process until we had gotten to the end.

We ended up with a step by step story that showcased the model and makeup in a very nice way. This was one of the first times I shot in the big studio in London and I absolutely loved being able to play around with the lights and get the perfect light set up before the team arrived.

Shooting in the cold

We shot the story at the beginning of October. The studio is quite big so I had to warm it up with two heaters to do my best of keeping my model warm. However, It got cold again quite quickly so I brought some blankets to keep the model warm.

As a photographer, I find it so important to keep my models and team warm and comfortable through the whole shoot. Especially when shooting in the wintertime and in Iceland. O my how many times I put a model in freezing water to get an amazing picture!

Even though that is something I do quite often. I always make sure that the model is up for the challenge and bring umbrellas and blankets with me on shoots to keep them comfy.

Beauty photography in London

Model | Liza Mircheva
Makeup and hair | Sneha Surendran
Photography and retouching | Annsy



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