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In the first week of school. We were sent out on a photography scavenger hunt. We had a list of items we needed to find and photograph. While I was looking for the things on the list, I found this amazing old, and colourful basketball court.

When we were told that we needed to shoot a project outside for our class, I knew right away that I wanted to shoot there. I contacted Freya to style for me and called up one of the model agencies to post a casting for me. Freya was super excited for the shoot and got some amazing colourful and shiny dresses for our beautiful model Mide. I booked lovely Rosana to do makeup for the shoot and inspired by the colours of the court we went for blue shiny eye shadow and a peachy lip. Those colours looked so good with Mide’s amazing skin. We started shooting one dress at a time and brought a few chairs with us out to the court to get some sitting poses.


On the court, we shot so many great dresses and poses. After the shoot, I had so many amazing photographs that picking the best pictures took quite some time. I named the series Azul. Blue was such a dominating colour in the series so I found it quite fitting because it means blue in Portuguese and both Rosana, my makeup artist, and Daniel, who took behind the scenes videos speak Portuguese.

I knew right away that this shoot would look great in print. I talked to the team and we decided to submit the shoot to a magazine. It got accepted to Picton magazine and printed at the beginning of May.

I am so happy with the result and the way they looked in the magazine. My favourite four pictures are now printed and the last series in my final portfolio.

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Model | Mide from Model Management
Stylist | Freya Danes
Makeup Rosana Saravia
Photography and retouching | Annsy



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